Soldier died trapped in tank after live bullets halted rescuers on Salisbury Plain

2021.10.18 07:33 ZoolShop Soldier died trapped in tank after live bullets halted rescuers on Salisbury Plain

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2021.10.18 07:33 agubebe The Scroll Of Truth

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2021.10.18 07:33 tekkenfanaticlfc paige

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2021.10.18 07:33 ilejk PSA: The cat can walk along the fences and won't fall off!

Running will work for a bit but will eventually bounce you off. It's good for feeling like a cat and getting a better view of the country side.
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2021.10.18 07:33 lost-in-binary TIL that Sentry Mode is disabled while Dog Mode is on. Wat?

What’s the rationale behind this - high battery usage concerns?
I’m definitely thinking twice of enabling Dog Mode or taking dogs with us when running errands in San Francisco now.
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2021.10.18 07:33 puchamaquina GameStonks for Boomers

So I've been talking to my mom about getting into GameStop. I'm not trying to coerce her into doing something she doesn't want to do, but I also want her to have the opportunity to go to the moon. She's had a long life of scraping by on nothing to take care of her kids, and she deserves this as much as anyone. She doesn't have experience in stocks, but does have general ideas on how investing works.
What are some good ways to explain MOASS to a boomer? Analogies, videos, whatever you got.
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2021.10.18 07:33 ranzc426 finally 100%'ed NEO!!! was so excited just had to share :DDD

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2021.10.18 07:33 Medium-Importance-74 [A4A] A Best Friend's Coffee Confession [Comfort] [Flirty Speaker] [Cute] [Confession] [Sweet] [Strangers to Lovers] [Wholesome]

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is my first script and it may be a bit jumpy, constructive criticism is HIGHLY encouraged.
Synopsis: You invited your friend over and you watch a movie together all night. It gets late to the point where it's better if they just stay the night. You decide to share the bed but you wake up cuddling into them (awkward). And boy do you have one hell of a headache.
Feel free to use or monetize! Just be sure to mention that I was the original writer of the script somewhere in the description or comments.
Once again I highly encourage constructive criticism
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2021.10.18 07:33 Amateur_Feetie Guilding Hand Event

0EACF2A1 anyone with less than 50.000 Might can join.
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2021.10.18 07:33 GeneralJagers I got so far but in the end, it didn't even matter...

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2021.10.18 07:33 CannotThinkOfANameee I know it's basic but I love this sweater

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2021.10.18 07:33 RandomGuyOnYourPC hehe nice.

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2021.10.18 07:33 Footertwo Rough week with TBM wife

I’ve been out about 20 years. For the most part my still TBM wife and I have figured out how to make things work.
Earlier this week we had an open conversation about our feelings and she told me she was still sad about losing what she hoped would be a “perfect” life with an active family. She said she had learned to love and appreciate me despite me not being TBM. It felt a lot like her saying she was disappointed with me but had learned to live with it.
Then, she was asked to speak in church today (new ward) and asked me to come, along with our adult children. She spoke about overcoming sorrows and challenges through faith. She said she had experienced much of this and had found peace despite not having the “perfect” life she’d hoped for. Of course, I knew exactly what she meant and the kids and ward members probably had a pretty good idea. Awkward.
I guess I can’t blame her for feeling the way she does. But it is hard to know your spouse is basically disappointed with you. You’re not the amazing spouse they’d hoped for, but they’re learning to love and appreciate you through faith and help from Jesus. Uh, great, I feel like a real winner.
Part of me wishes we’d just divorced 20 years ago when I discovered the truth. I’ve just always hoped things would work out. And, in most ways, they have. But it’s just a kick in the gut each time I’m reminded that I’m not everything she wanted and in a lot of ways a disappointment to her.
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2021.10.18 07:33 DashingWaves20 Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin?

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2021.10.18 07:33 Unsolicitedadvice86 RIB Exclusive Players

When reading the RIB reveal blog, they mention they most players will be getting either an archive or fandom moment as to not create a new bottleneck situation. They get very specific in mentioning which players will get archives and which will get fandoms and so on:
Does this mean that players who were not mentioned in the blog, such as Antwan Richardson and Caron Butler, will only have a RIB moment and potentially become bottlenecks for team completion sets?
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2021.10.18 07:33 tachakas_fanboy PSG.LGD cant win Ti because...

They are no contestants, they are the final boss
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2021.10.18 07:33 ucladodgerburner Is anybody interested in buying a Dodgers NLCS ticket Tuesday 10/19

I bought my tickets but I realized I can’t make it that day You’ll be with 4 other ucla students DM if interested
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2021.10.18 07:33 ISUCDICFOR1DOLLA Chinese memes

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2021.10.18 07:33 Jonaraja I'm gonna make a room in my house only mirrors

That way a I know if there's a killer in that room
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2021.10.18 07:33 boppinmule 'Stadionramp met mazzel voorkomen, Gelderse derby voortaan zonder uitfans'

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2021.10.18 07:33 Organiksupercomputer We are taking over everyone Kucoin is step 1!

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2021.10.18 07:33 karnveerpannu Need level 3 raid for challenge

Gotta finish a level 3 raid for a challenge! Add me if you have any near.
3812 9791 8193
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2021.10.18 07:33 illrollwithit Red Rock Canyon, NV [OC] [6126x4084]

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2021.10.18 07:33 EverythingGeek What's the craziest WTF moment in comics?

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2021.10.18 07:33 Mr_Piscis This bot problem is getting out of hand, Anytime someone posts they replay the same message 2-4 times bloating the chat. Please stop this crap

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